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Hey Bob! This is my first keeper Sturgeon after years of trying! It was 50 inches long and was caught on pile worms and eel in the Montezuma Slough at approximately 7:00 PM on the very end of the out going tide. Cheers, John Stensrud.

 Scott Flotre of Napa, California with a 79 inch sturgeon caught back in the days when there was no maximum length for sturgeon imposed. The newspaper article (above left) features the photo (above right) and is dated March 14th 1985.

 Another photo of the same sturgeon. The fish was caught on grass shrimp at the Mothball Fleet.

 This three-person limit of Sturgeon was caught on eel and grass shrimp. Also pictured is a striped bass that took a live bullhead. From left to right: Capt. Steve Talmadge (L), Lee Caballero Sr (C), Lee Caballero Jr (R).

 Lee Caballero with a 68" Montezuma Slough Sturgeon that weighed 78lbs. This fish was caught on Salmon Roe.

 Lee Caballero (L) and John Stensrud (R) with a pair of Sturgeon caught in the Montezuma Slough on Salmon Roe. Lee's fish was 52 inches and weighed 42 pound. John's fish was undersized and was quickly released unharmed.

 Mike Starr of Hayward, California with a 63 inch sturgeon that weighed in at 71 pounds. This fish was caught at night near the Mothball Fleet on ghost shrimp and eel in 4 feet of water on an outgoing tide...

Bob Fisher with a 65 inch, 65 pound Sturgeon caught on
20lb line using grass shrimp/ghost shrimp for bait.

Scott Flotre of Napa, California with a 72 inch
sturgeon that weighed in at 101 lbs.

This 36'" juvenile Sturgeon caught on live grass shrimp by
Tim Mc Daniel in the Napa River was released safely
back into the water.

Tim Mc Daniel with a 59" 45lb Sturgeon that was
caught on a cut-anchovie bait in the Napa River.


  Tim quickly released this little fella back into the waters of the Carquinez Strait. He took a bait meant for a much larger fish. Note the lighter coloration when they first come out of the water.

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