Port Hedland Mulloway Fishing

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Dated: 1st November 2004
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Port Hedland
We launched my 14ft tinny at about 5pm and went straight to one of my best spots.We anchored in about 40ft of water set our lines and then kicked back to enjoy a stunning sunset and some delicious chicken and wine. The pickers were rampant so regular bait changes were the go. Mulloway don't usually take bare hooks! We sat for about an hour or so and were joined by about 8 other boats all within 100 meters of each other. I said it was one of my favourite spots - not one of my secret spots. What they didn't know is my exact spot was on the edge of a 20ft drop off with a small reef formation in the deep area. Mulloway like to work the edge of a deep hole in the hope of catching an unaware bait school. Bait frequent the same area hoping to scurry to shallow water should a predator attempt to eat them. I had just poured another drink when one of my handlines started dancing madly on the deck indicating our first mulloway school had just passed through and one had fallen victim to the fresh prawn on my line. I scrambled for the spool, grabbed it with both hands and yanked. Immediately after that, feeling the sting of my chemically sharpened hook, the Mulloway decided he would have no part of this and headed upstream under the boat. My wife grabbed the video camera to get some nice action shots. Then the inevitable happened.The second hand line started to jump around under my feet so the wife dropped the camera and lept on that line. It was still light enough to see the other boats and when I glanced across to them all eyes were on us. Envious eyes no doubt. We both battled our fish until they were securely laying on the deck wondering what went wrong. I took the liberty of lifting the fish out of the water slowly so the people in the other boats could see. I am very considerate like that. The next line to touch the bottom yielded our third fish and on that note we pulled anchor and decided to head for home. It was just on dark and we were the first boat to leave. Back at the ramp four more boats were launching. One guy 'forced' me to show him my catch. Nothing wrong with showing off is there? ... Shane Baker