Fishing with Crappie Jigs

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Dated: 1st January 2006
SportfishWorld Feature Article
I thought that crappie jigs deserved a special mention within these pages. These versatile lures have accounted for more than twenty different species of fish for me. I became a fan of the cheap, chartreusse-colored crappie jig in the early 1980's and bought them by the bagfull. Back in Perth I caught Herring, Tailor and Flathead on Crappie Jigs...Mulloway, Spotted Cod, Golden Trevally, Diamond Trevally and Queenfish in Carnarvon. Spangled Emporer and Queenfish at Oyster Reef in Exmouth. Here in California they have accounted for Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass and eventually I even caught Crappie on Crappie Jigs!!! So folks, whether it be freshwater lakes, rivers, mangroves or coral reefs in the tropics, they are deadly on a huge range of fish. I generally fish them with a light spinning rod and six pound line. My technique when fishing these lures varies greatly. Sometimes I use a slow retrieve, bouncing the bottom with a slight twitch of the rod tip. Other times a fast, non-stop retrieve with a violent, ripping, jerking action is successful. I prefer not to use a swivel or leader as these affect the action and the general appearance of your presentation. That's the beauty of these lures on light line - if you fish them like I do, you can really make them look like a small, injured or fleeing baitfish. But when using light line you should check for signs of abrasion, cut off any frayed line and re-tie your knot after each fish if necessary. Your success depends on the location, the available fish species and their reaction to your presentation. If you are not having much success using one method, try mixing it up a little...You will be amazed at the results! I have been smoked by Yellowtail Kingfish, Giant Trevally and big Striped Bass while fishing these lures for smaller fry! ... Bob Fisher