Small Boat Fishing in Port Hedland

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Dated: 25th November 2004
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Port Hedland
From our Port Hedland Fishing Correspondent Shane Baker
Small Boat Fishing in Port HedlandSmall Boat Fishing in Port Hedland
I went out to my favourite, secret fishing spot on the weekend. (I call it the supermarket).

There was a 15-20 knot wind blowing with mountainous swells and unbearable chop but we took our lives into our hands and went anyway. Half an hour after we arrived my fishing buddy Kurt turned an unusual shade of green so back to sheltered water we went.

On arriving back at Port Hedland harbour there were up to 30 boats trolling for mackerel so we decided to give it a go. 5 mins into the game Kurt landed a nice mack on a spoon and I had a decent run. Two more good runs and no boated fish but suddenly I was on to something very large. At least 5 other boats stopped to watch but it turned out to be a 2 metre black tip reef shark.

By now the wind and swell had dropped so back out to the supermarket we went. On arrival I cast a mulie out the back and then dropped a 100lb hand line to the bottom with a nice fresh king prawn on the offer. Before it hit the bottom my rod screamed off with a decent mack on the end of it. Before I could get it near the boat a big toothy thing chomped it and left me with only a head. I hadn't finished winding my line in when my handline danced furiously across the floor. I grabbed it and yanked only to find myself being yanked back twice as hard and then nothing. The rather large nasty had gone into a hole and taken my hooks with him.

After that it was mayhem. Every bait that hit the water was hammered and we lost a total of eight rigs between us. All had steel traces. When we finally had a mackerel at the boat it was torn to pieces by a school of about 20 or so Barracuda all as long as my leg. I caught a spanish flag which went out as a livey but a few minutes later he too was dragged into a hole somewhere below. Two more macks and both were smashed by the Couda. I finally landed a nice Queeny abou 900cm. As per usual he put on a spectacular show of aerobatics jumping a total of 6 time in a short but exciting battle.

By the end of our fishing trip we had landed two small Sharks, a Barracouda, three Batfish (pest), two Gold Spot Trevally, four Mackerel, three Spanish Flag, some small Cod and my Queeny.

You can see why I call it the supermarket. On other occasions I have caught Snapper, Sweetlip, Mangrove Jack and Longtom and many more.

I took another guy out fishing in the harbour that night chasing Mulloway but only landed two sharks.The pickers were rampant and we couldnt keep a bait on the bottom.

Until next weekend the boat gets a rest and so do I. Unless that is I am compelled to go out fishing again midweek. ...Shane Baker