Port Hedland Fishing Report.

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Dated: 18th December 2004
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Port Hedland
From our Port Hedland Fishing Correspondent Shane Baker
Port Hedland Fishing Report.Port Hedland Fishing Report.
The hot weather has really fired the barra up at the moment and most of the popular spots are producing well.

I have had several reports of barra being taken from 6 mile and the Turner. Other hot spots include the deep water near the Finucane boat ramp and Pokies.

A friend of mine landed a 112cm Barra, a personal best, and in the same session nailed 10 Threadfin Salmon and a Mulloway all around a metre. Most of the Salmon and the Barra were released to fight another day and hopefully breed some more like them.

Mulloway are on the up in the harbour with reports of three to five fish being landed in an evening by most boats and a few fish being taken from the shore.

Out wide the Snapper are always a possibility and reports indicate that some nice fish have been caught. One group say they caught about 50 snapper out near 15 marker (only the bag limit was kept). That's s a good day out.

The Mackerel have all but disappeared from the harbour after their annual close encounter with the boat ramp but anywhere with structure from about 36 marker will still produce fish.

Schools of Tuna can be seen harassing bait balls in the same area and on light gear or fly you could keep yourself busy for hours hooking into these high speed maniacs.

Mud Crabs have been a bit light on around town mainly due to overfishing I would think but any of the creek systems west of Finucane or east of 6 mile will produce a feed. A friend and I ventured west to a spot known as "Bus Creek" and caught our bag limit after only an hour of fishing. Some of the crabs are real monsters with nippers big enough for a meal on their own.

Just today I visited a spot I like to call the "supermarket" and landed a lovely example of a Sweetlip Snapper and my fishing buddy boated a couple of very nice Estuarine Cod. As always I was busted off by something huge three times. One day I will win!

The wind has made it near impossible for small boats but there has been a few good days and people are making the most of it. Temperatures have soared into the forties today but there were at least 25 boats out at the town ramp and about 20 at the Finucane ramp.

All in all the fishing has been fantastic and those with a bit of spare time are reaping the rewards. ...Shane Baker