Dampier Shore Fishing for Queenfish

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Dated: 20th February 2005
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
Dampier Shore Fishing for QueenfishDampier Shore Fishing for Queenfish
We got to my favorite shore fishing spot in Dampier at about 9.00AM. Unforunately, there were a few boats around. That would make things more difficult to land a decent fish. With this in mind we still rigged our lines and dropped them down. Within a minute something had eaten my whole mulie and taken off towards the channel. The small school mackerel was easily subdued and released straight away. Less then a minute later my mate hooked up big-time to a nice Trevally on 5kg line. It was a relatively short battle lasting only a few minutes but the 5kg Trevally was released and swam away with no problems. Within the next hour we had caught and released 4 Trevally all ranging from 2-5 Kg, a few Cod and a couple of Queenies. Things were starting to die down so we moved to another spot that I knew of.We were greeted by a big school of Trevally and Queenies all averaging about 5 kg. It was hard getting past the yellow tail but I managed a nice Trevally and my mate hooked the biggest Morwong (Sweetlip) I have ever seen, it would have been 10KG! After about an hours fishing there we all got sick of the pickers that had showed up so we headed back to our original spot. Before I threw my rods in, I rigged up my hand line for something big, threw it out and forgot about it. I then baited my rod and cast it out but before the mulie hit the bottom something grabbed it and took off. Within a few minutes I had another high-flying Queenfish. It too was released of course. We were sitting there doing nothing when my hand line sitting beside me took off. Instinctively I grabbed it with my bare hands and gave it a big tug. The fish reacted by heading straight towards the channel as fast as possible. With my hands burning and with the fish was showing no signs of stopping I clamped down on the spool as hard as I could and hoped for the best. Almost instantly the fish stopped, however my worst fears were realized when I brought a pair of straightened hooks up on the rocks. I re-rigged and set the hand line again and waited. We sat there for another 30 minutes with a few big hits on light line that snapped us off. Suddenly the hand line started taking off again...I grabbed it and set the hooks, this fish was a lot smaller and couldnít pull the line from my hands. It was still tough work keeping it away from the snags that plagued the area we fished in but before long we had a nice 5ft Shovelnose Shark at our feet. We didnít catch much more after that and lost a heap of fish on light gear so we decided to pull the pin and head for home. All in all it was a great trip and we plan to go back there next weekend. Luke Groen 2/20/2005 Karratha Western Australia ...Luke Groen