Fishing for Port Hedland Mulloway

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Dated: 28th December 2004
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Port Hedland
From our Port Hedland Fishing Correspondent Shane Baker
Fishing for Port Hedland MullowayFishing for Port Hedland Mulloway
Christmas is the season to be fishy. Or so it would seem. Every man and his dog and his kids and his mates etc etc were out on the water in boats of all shapes and descriptions at some point during the break. My efforts have seen me with four Mulloway (two in the harbour and two on a reef 10 km off shore), a boat full of mud crabs caught in the mouth of the Turner, lots of juvenile Bluebone and Snapper and a decent Estuarine Cod around the reef patches of Finucane, plenty of Catfish and Sharks everywhere, a Flathead and a Sweetlip at Manilya Bank and to top it off I was busted off by two Spaniards on the way. One decided to swim at high speed towards my boat and use my prop to sever my line. He has some interesting red and white mouth jewellery to remind him of the encounter and all I got was a flash of blue and white stripes. A 12ft Shark was hanging around 24 marker smashing everyone's lines and eating any thing attached to a hook. A few guys had some fun with lures hooking into the ever present Queenie population. Fish over a meter can be seen chasing every lure that hit the water and hook-ups sent adrenalin rushing and reels screaming. Tabba Tabba creek turned up the goods with 90+cm Barra caught and released and plenty of Blue Salmon on the chew. I have had no word on the other creeks but fish just about any creek with the right bait at the right time and your in for a real chance. The Tsunamis seemed to slow things down a little bit but not significantly. We had some unusual tidal movements on Monday around lunch time with the tide changing four times in an hour. Out wide reports of Red Emperor were a bit thin with only a couple of good ones being landed but Macks were out in numbers along with schools of Tuna and the loyal following of sharks. I noticed plenty of people fishing from the shore but have had no reports as of yet. These will filter through as the week progresses and people return to work. The moon phase and tides are against us this week so it will be interesting to see what people catch over the next few days. That's not an excuse to stay home it's a challenge! Go wet a hook today! Shane...Shane Baker