Fishing for Port Hedland Mulloway

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Dated: 8th March 2005
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Port Hedland
From our Port Hedland Fishing Correspondent Shane Baker
Fishing for Port Hedland MullowayFishing for Port Hedland Mulloway
Sometimes time seems to go so slow, especially when you are waiting for a special event or an exiting new adventure but in recent times that hasnít been the case for me. I have struggled to find the time to do that which I love most (fishing) of late due to a new job, new house and a new family member (baby daughter Shalise now four months old). I walked out the back during the week and said hello to my boat but there was no reply. It has been so long since we went out fishing together that it was no longer talking to me. Time for some drastic changes. I decided there and then to go out this week no matter what. When you havenít been out in your boat for a while its easy to forget little things that you would usually do without thinking, like my knife, fuel, and the bung!!! Yep, thatís right I forgot to put the bung in and only had about a coffee cup of fuel in the tank. As soon as I tried to get the old girl up on the plane, it became obvious something was wrong by the way the water was swelling to ankle depth inside the boat. Oh dear! I plugged the gushing torrent with the offending bung and proceeded to bail water out using my esky. Happy that all was now well I carried on with plan ĎAí which was to go fishing not sinking. An hour after I anchored I had 25lbs of eye popping black jew laying on the floor of my boat destined for the freezer and my belly. At this point I thought to myself ĎI am the mulloway kingí and gloated in my victory and uncanny choice of days to go fishing. Another hour passed with no more action so with harbour lights now burning brightly and darkness enveloping the sleepy town I pulled anchor and headed home. A coffee cup of fuel can only get you so far and about 500mts from the ramp my cup ran out. Oh S#@T!! The combination of wind and tidal movement had me heading in the opposite direction at about 6 knots. I had to act quick. To cut a long story short I managed to lift the fuel tank up on an angle an squeeze enough fuel up with the inline prime pump to give those 40 Yamaha horses enough juice to get me safely back to the ramp. Phew!! With fillets in freezer and boat safely home I pondered my experience and decided the only way to prevent further mishaps was to get out more. Much more!...Shane Baker