Fishing for Port Hedland Mulloway

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Dated: 23rd March 2005
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Port Hedland
From our Port Hedland Fishing Correspondent Shane Baker
Fishing for Port Hedland MullowayFishing for Port Hedland Mulloway
Ok so its Easter right. Four days off right. What does every red blooded, fin loving, tackle toting member of humanity do when we get time off? Go clothes shopping? Clean the shed out? Yeah right!! We go fishing. I spent the entire week putting all the stuff in place so that I could blow the cobwebs off the old Yami and give my faithful dinghy a well deserved squirt on the local waterway. Actually the spiders have decided to waylay attempts to build a home anywhere near my boat of late for fear of copping a saltwater tsunami through their living rooms because as an intrepid fishing writer I must spend lots of time on the water conducting market research (yeh thatís what I call it) so I have been out on the big blue performing said task. The result? On Wednesday afternoon I took a friend to my favourite and very productive mulloway hole where he managed to bag a 25lb croaker. He was understandably impressed. The local shark population decided to inhale every bait that I presented which left me without fish worth speaking of but I did get some great pictures of my mates black jew. Friday presented the first opportunity to spend a whole day out amongst the Ďresearchí so a 5 am start, bacon and egg sandwiches and iced coffee from the local caltex headed up what I hoped to be the start of a very beautiful extended weekend. Twenty meters from the boat ramp the familiar sight of two inches of water swelling up through the floor reminded me of the need to fill that little hole in the back with a device called a bung!! DOH! Thatís twice in two weeks. A short spell at an exposed reef near my chosen creek didnít produce the required result so with the wind building to around 20 knots we headed for the shelter of the creek. That proved to be a wise choice. It wasnít long before my research was rewarded with the aerial displays of a meter long queenie. This queenie almost landed itself when it actually jumped over my boat barely clearing the other side. A couple of mud crabs complimented the day nicely and content we headed home. Saturday proved to be a day of rest (from fishing that is) but on Sunday night I took a bloke out to the mulloway hole where he successfully landed a nice specimen of 1070mm and 22lb. Along with that to add to the nights variety I landed a very decent cod and between us we landed three sharks all around a meter. Not a catfish or blowie in sight. When I was single fishing was the main factor when deciding what to do on days off but nowadays with a family to look after I decided to spend Monday at home being all domesticated and stuff. I managed to cook up a storm in the kitchen with my very own rendition of beef burgundy. One guy told me of some superb freshwater barra action in a local creek with upwards of 20 barra all around 50cm caught and released in the space of two hours. Such is life in the Pilbara....Shane Baker