Fishing the 2005 Dampier Classic

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Dated: 1st September 2005
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
Fishing the 2005 Dampier ClassicFishing the 2005 Dampier Classic
This years 2005 Dampier Classic was again a huge success. The Fish were plentiful and the tides were great.

The first 2 days were beautiful, unfortunately it blew up for the rest of the comp with squalls over 40 knots!

The size of the fish caught this year was above average especially for those using the light line classes!

The memories from this year’s Dampier Classic will last forever and we have many boats come up from far and wide to fish it.

Here are some results from the 4-day competition:

  • 308 Captures, 49 Sharks, 105 Anglers, 32 boats, 329 Tags, 22 Billfish and 3 recaptured Sailfish.
  • Champion Boat Capture: Bush Pig, 10 species, 3509 Points
  • Champion Boat T&R Gamefish: Haleys Comet, 6 species, 62 tags, 2160 Points
  • Champion Boat T&R Billfish: Pretator, 6 tags, 1 species, 720 Points
  • Champion Angler Capture: Jason Hornhart, 8 species, 2582 Points
  • Champion Angler T&R: Ben Robinson, 6 species, 38 tags, 1270 Points
  • Champion Angler T&R Billfish: Steve Tatham, 1 species, 4 tags, 480 Points
  • Fuchs Trophy - Highest Point Scoring fish on 3kg Line (excl. Billfish or Shark): 13.8kg Mackerel for 480 Points
  • Archipelago Prize- HPS Fish on 8kg line (excl. Billfish or Shark): 14.4kg Barracuda for 180 Points
  • John Bethelson Memorial Trophy- 3 HPS fish: Bushpig, 1492 Points
  • HPS Gamefish (excl. Billfish, Mackerel or Shark): 6.2kg Queenie on 1kg Line 620 points
  • HPS Shark: 9.45kg Whaler Shark on 1kg line 472 points
  • Heaviest Mackerel: Tim Perry, Narrow Barred Mackerel 18.4kg
  • Heaviest Gamefish (excl. Billfish, Mackerel or Shark): Phil Perry, 15.8kg Wahoo
    Heaviest Shark: Mark Grant, Whaler Shark 91.4kg
  • HPS Mackerel: Anthony Latosa, 15.4kg Mackerel on 4 kg line 513 Points
  • Hard Luck Prize: Mark Grant, lost a $1000 set up over the side.
  • Safety Award: Keith Evans, Ran out of Fuel.
  • Dud of the Comp: Steve Tatham, Fell into the water while trying to push boat away from a buoy. Cavitation plate on engine got chipped from the buoy in the process.
  • As suspected we got 3rd for T&R Billfish and our Crew William got 3rd for Champion Angler T&R Billfish. Dad won a rod and I won a bucket!!

    Just like to thank everyone involved and looking forward to next year!
    ...Luke Groen