Dampier Offshore Fishing for Golden Trevally

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Dated: 14th August 2005
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
Dampier Offshore Fishing for Golden TrevallyDampier Offshore Fishing for Golden Trevally
On this particular day (14/8/2005) we (Myself, William and his G/F jay) decided to just have a casual day out. The weather wasn’t so bad so we decided to head to one of the outer islands and try our luck.

It took a while the set the anchor in the correct positioning, once it was set we were rewarded with our hard work. The fish we were catching weren’t huge but still enough to keep us busy.

We were busted off a few times before a Coral Trout hit the deck shortly followed but a big Spanish Flag (by Spanish Flag standards).

With 2 fish in the esky for dinner we thought to ourselves that will do for dinner so we pulled the anchor and headed to an excellent Trevally spot that William knew of.

We anchored up about 4 mile inwards in 12 meters of water. Within 30 minutes we had a nice bearly slick out the back of the boat to get the Trevally around. I was using my little 4kg gear as well as my 30lb braid set-up.

It took a while to get the Trevally around but once they were there was no stopping them!

My Trinidad was the first to get smashed. After about 10 minutes or so there was a nice Golden Trevally of about 10+kg onboard. During this little hot session I managed to get 5 big Treavally all above 8kg, one of them was caught on the light 4kg gear which was maybe the biggest, it would of been about 12kg! I also got a smallish Mackerel on the same outfit.

By the end of the day we managed 6 Golden Trevallys and 2 mackerels (All Trevally were released), 1 Coral Trout and the Spanish Flag, not to mention the several through back fish.

The Trevally species are renown for their hard, rather dirty fighting techniques. They fight all the way to the boat no matter how heavy your line is.

We lost a lot more then what we caught. I would also like to say thank you to William for inviting me out! ...Luke Groen