Dampier Offshore Fishing for Spanish Mackeral

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Dated: 17th September 2005
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
Dampier Offshore Fishing for Spanish MackeralDampier Offshore Fishing for Spanish Mackeral
My mate Adrian whom I met at work asked me if I wanted to go for a fish the following weekend. Naturally I said yes!

The weather was perfect so we decided to head out to one of the 42 islands located in the Dampier Archipelago. We had the little tinny full stick and before long we were at a very productive spot. We sounded around for a while looking for a nice lump to drop the pick on. We found a spot that appeared to be very active so out went the anchor and down went the baits.

The area we were fishing in is known for its Mackerel caught there throughout the year. Because of this Adrian and I rigged up our bigger rods with a single hook on a wire trace. We were using Garfish for bait and floated them out under balloons.

We were busy catching small fish bottom fishing when my Tiagra’s ratchet clicked out slowly for about 2 seconds then nothing. I thought I must have missed the fish but after that thought the ratchet was going and line was disappearing from the spool at an alarming rate of knots! The lever drag was pushed up to ‘strike’ but the line didn’t slow down at all, must have been a big one! I knew exactly what it was as after its long first run it was coming in quite easy. Not long after the hook-up the gaff was pinned in the head of a Mackerel of about 25kg. The fish was almost too big for the deck of the boat! After all the blood was pumped out we concluded it was way to big for the esky so we had to fillet it to make it fit.

After all that excitement the lines were quickly put back into position and we continued to fish. We didn’t score anything really huge for the remainder of the day other then a Shark Mackerel of about 7kg.

Fortunately for us the weather stayed perfect the remainder of the day, I was hoping for some more reef fish but Adrian was wrapped as not only did he see the biggest fish ever caught in his boat, he also got to gaff his first fish ever, hopefully the first of many! I would like to thank Adrian for taking me out! ...Luke Groen