Mothball Fleet Sturgeon

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Dated: 27th January 2006
Location: USA/California /San Francisco Bay Area/Suisun-Delta
From our Suisun-Delta Fishing Correspondent Bob Fisher
Mothball Fleet SturgeonMothball Fleet Sturgeon
My project boat wasn't finished yet and the Sturgeon and big Stripers were biting in Suisun Bay. I desperately needed to go fishing. I decided to call Capt. Steve Talmadge of 'Flash Fishing'. He is arguably the best and most consistent Sturgeon and big Striper charter captain in the Suisun Bay area.

I had corresponded with Capt. Steve in the past but had never met the man in person. I had also seen his boat out on the water nearly every time I was out fishing. But that should be no surprise as he practically lives on that boat and these waters are like his backyard.

Steve only fishes the good tides because he wants you to catch fish. That means he doesn't run a 9:00am to 5:00pm fishing charter operation. The charter could start and finish at any time of the day, the key factor being to fish around the optimum part of the tide. Capt.

Steve answered all of my questions about fishing for Sturgeon. Our trip ran from 9:00am until 9:00pm and on this particular day we caught one keeper and two shakers.

I'll leave you with a couple of important Sturgeon fishing tips that I gained from observing Capt. Steve on my trip.
CLEAN HANDS: nobody but Capt. Steve touches the baits. Sturgeon hunt for food by scent. Avoid contamination of the baits by sunscreen, gasoline or oils etc...
MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME IN THE WATER: Once you find fish and set the anchor, stay there. If the fish aren't biting, give it a reasonable amount of time. Don't just pull the anchor and drive around looking for other spots. And don't keep pulling your baits out of the water and checking them all of the time. The type of bait and how you secure it and present it is obviously important here also.

Personally, I learnt a LOT more than this from Capt. Steve. But I am not going to tell you here. You'll have to book your own charter with him to find the answer to any of your questions. I followed him around and bugged him all day long. If you prefer you can just go out there, sit back and relax and have him do all of the work for you. He'll work really hard and do his best to find you fish and put you onto them.

Captain Steve Talmadge runs Flash Fishing Charters. His boat is a diesel powered, 32' long 'Six Pack' with a 14' beam. Light snacks, soft drinks and water is provided. Bring your own lunch or dinner.

The tackle consists of quality, custom-built Sturgeon rods and sturdy, machined-aluminum AVET reels all in excellent condition and with smooth drag systems.
You can contact him at
...Bob Fisher