2006 Dampier Classic

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Dated: 9th August 2006
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
2006 Dampier Classic2006 Dampier Classic
This years 2006 King bay Dampier Classic was another awesome year! We were blessed with excellent weather, good tides and the fish biting.

The Classic happens once a year for 4 days and attracts people from around Australia, and itís not hard to see why! We have an archipelago filled with many islands and very fishy reefs! There are a number of sections in the comp being Tag and Release Game fish, Tag and Release Billfish, Capture, Daily prizes, door prizes and thereís also the usual junior and ladies sections too! Anyway enough rambling here are the results!

There were 581 fish tagged, 26 of them sailfish and 54 Marlin!! There was 126 fish weighted in. 41 boats and 128 anglers (8 Female and 12 juniors) fished this yearís competition.

Daily Prizes
  • Heaviest mackerel day 1: Keith Evands, 11.40kg narrow-barred mackerel.
  • Heaviest game fish day 1: Thomas Radley, 9.2kg Cobia.
  • Champion team Tag and Release billfish day 1: Black Label 9 tags 2 species 1560 points.
  • Heaviest mackerel day 2: Gary Sewell 12.2kg narrow-barred.
  • Heaviest game fish day 2: Justin Neil Tuna Long tail 12.2kg.
  • Champion team Tag and Release Billfish day 2: The Wench 2 tags 1 species 480 points.
  • Heaviest mackerel day 3: Matt Peters 13.6kg narrow-barred.
  • Heaviest game fish day 3: John Bennetis 10.2kg Wahoo.
  • Champion team Tag and Release Billfish day 3: Mako 4 tags 1 species 960 points.
  • Heaviest mackerel day 4: John Riding 18.4kg narrow-barred.
  • Heaviest game fish day 4: Long tail Tuna 12.6kg.
  • Champion team Tag and Release Billfish day 4: The Wench 6 tags 1 species 1440 points.

  • Highest point scoring (HPS) Mackerel junior: Troy Barnett 15kg narrow-barred on 3kg line 500points.
  • HPS game fish junior Daniel Berthelson 5.8kg Barracuda on 3kg line 193.33 points.
  • HPS Shark junior: Darby Munro 35.8kg on 15kg line 193.33 points.
  • Champion individual junior Tag and Release Billfish: Andrew Snook 2 species 4 tags 840 points.
  • Champion capture junior: Troy Barnett 3 species 793.33 points. Champion junior Tag and Release Game Fish: Jake Munro 4 species 16 tags 750 points.

  • HPS fish: Shane Cole 16.2kg long tail Tuna on 3kg line 540 points (pending world record).
  • HPS shark: Ben Robinson 112.8kg Tiger Shark on 8kg line 705 points.
  • Heaviest mackerel adult: Mark Berthelson narrow-barred 22.2kg. Heaviest game fish adult: Ben Robinson 14.2kg cobia.
  • Heaviest shark: Kurt Decker 117kg whaler shark on 15kg line.
  • HPS fish on 3kg line: Phil Perry 13.40 narrow-barred mackerel.
  • HPS fish on 8kg line: Craig Reieck Wahoo 16.2kg 202.5 points.
  • John Berthelson memorial prize: the boat ILLICT, Justin Neil and Ben Robinson.
  • Champion Individual Tag and Release Game Fish: Tim Perry 8 species 38 tags 1180 points.
  • Champion Individual Tag and Release Billfish: Jay Wheelock 2 species 7 tags 1440 points.
  • 1st Marlin tagged by a female angler: Jo Tatham. Champion female angler: Tracy Van Bgmond 1050 points.
  • Champion Individual capture: Mark Cottrel 8 species 3596.67 points.
    Champion boat Tag and Release Game Fish: Stray Cat 9 species 118 tags 3670 points.
  • Champion team Tag and Release Billfish: The Wench 13 tags 1 species 3120 points.
  • Champion boat capture: Bush Pig 4076.67 points 10 species.

    Iíd also like to thank the committee members and all the sponsors of the event! ...Luke Groen