Napa River Sturgeon

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Dated: 2nd October 2002
Location: USA/California /San Francisco Bay Area/Napa
From our Napa Fishing Correspondent Bob Fisher
Napa River SturgeonNapa River Sturgeon
Tim's first keeper Sturgeon was caught in the Napa River on a light-action Ugly Stik and small spinning reel spooled with 10lb line. The fish weighed in at 45lbs and took a cut anchovy bait that was meant for small Stripers. Due to the light tackle being used I had to pull the anchor and chase the fish up the river. The drag system on the reel started sticking so Tim had to back it off and use his hand on the spool to apply pressure. The fish took us backwards and forwards across the river, often into the shallows. As we weren't fishing for Sturgeon we didn't have a snare onboard so instead I grabbed one of the boat's docking lines, leaned over the side and tail-roped the fish. Initially hooked just before sunset, it wasn't landed until after dark probably taking the best part of 45 minutes to capture. Quite a remarkable feat considering the tackle being used. ...Bob Fisher