Fishing Gamex 2007 - Exmouth Western Australia

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Dated: 27th March 2007
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
Fishing Gamex 2007 - Exmouth Western AustraliaFishing Gamex 2007 - Exmouth Western Australia
This years Gamex was one of the biggest yet! 50 plus boats turned up for the event that goes for 6 days and has a variety of sections you can fish such as line class and T&R. It is getting more and more popular; itís not hard to see why! The continental shelf runs with close proximity along the coastline and thereís always big pelagic wanting to be caught. If the weather turns bad outside the gulf is almost always fishable.

Day One:
Driving to the Tantabiddi boat ramp care is due; there are a huge amount of kangaroos that venture near the road in the early hours of the morning Ė so keep an eye out! Day one weather was reasonable; the smaller boats of the fleet were able to fish next to the big boys. Iím not 100% sure of the numbers of billfish tagged on the first day, Iím sure itís in the vicinity of 40-50 Blue and Black Marlin and Sailfish.

  • One of the Blue Marlin tagged was estimated at over 250kg!
  • The same boat also lost a 300kg+ Blue Marlin within minutes of trolling again!
  • There was also some bigger Black Marlin tagged between the 100-200kg ranges.

    Many more big fish were seen and lostÖ..

    Day Two:
    The weather was better then day one! The swell was minimal and the wind was low. We headed through the North passage and headed down south where we planned to fish for the day. There were a few boats in the area that were tagging some small Black Marlin so things were looking good. However we could not seem to get passed the schools of Yellowfin Tuna and Dolphin fish which proved to be frustrating. Simular numbers of fish were tagged again however the average size was a little smaller.

    Day Three:
    Again the weather was fantastic; lots of the smaller boats were doing really well and tagging a few fish. There were a few reports of a smaller broadbill sward fish caught the previous night! It wasnít a huge fish apparently but still a broadbill none the less! The fishing action throughout the day was brilliant.

  • Many boats had 10 or more shots at the mighty Marlin.
  • There were fish up to 200kg tagged including a few in the 100kg range.

    It was lines out early this day because it was Princyís pizza night (Highly recommended). I think there were 40odd fish tagged, Including Striped Marlin.

    Day Four:
    Another good day on the water. Although not as good as the previous days the smaller boats were still out there fishing. It was a late lines in today too due to the pizza night. The radio was constantly calling in tags throughout the day.

  • I think the biggest fish called in was a 150kg Blue or Black Marlin.
  • Lots of boats also lost bigger fish from tackle failure and some bad luck.
  • Lots of the usual Dollies, Wahoo and Tuna were also causing havoc to the boats chasing billfish.

    By the arvo the wind had came up slightly which made things a little harder to fish Ė but by no means unfishable. 30-40 fish were tagged for the day.

    Day Five:
    The worst day yet. It was blowing a steady 15 knot breeze that hindered the smaller boats slightly. The Marlin didnít seem to mind the unfavoured conditions however! The bigger boats out a little wider seemed to be on the radio constantly calling in tagged Marlin.

  • We tagged a 30kg Black out near the ďstepsĒ and also pulled the hooks on a 120+kg Blue next to the boat early arvo!
  • This day also went down in the history books. We had whatís known as a Fantasy Grand Slam! That means 5 species of billfish in one day.
  • The fleet caught: 2 Broadbill sward fish in the early hours of the morning (One is a pending Australian womenís record Ė 87kg on 60kg line),
  • Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin and Sailfish. 30-40 fish were tagged for the day.

    Day Six:
    The last day of the tournament Ė and the worst! It was gusting to 35 knots in the morning and the swell was building. Many boats thought the Pub was a much better option Ė not that thatís a bad thing. We ventured out through north passage and copped our fair share of water over the side. Marlin were still on the chew however, we had fish up within the first 30 minutes of trolling. We had a few hits in the morning and tagged one little Black. One boat had a double hook up and tagged both little Black Marlin. Not many fish were tagged for the day, 20 odd. Although thatís not a bad figure considering the amount of boats out there - not too many!

    I would also like to note that some very nice fish were weighed in.

  • There were some very nice Trevally and Queenies caught on ultra light line.
  • As mentioned earlier an 87kg Broadbill Sward fish on 60kg line thatís a potential womanís Australian record.
  • On day five one of the bigger boats fishing caught a respectable 173kg Blue Marlin (Not sure on line class).
  • There are many more incredible captures Iím sure I havenít mentioned.

    I would personally like to thank the committee for organising an excellent competition. It is run really well and I would recommend anyone one to come up and fish it no matted what skills you have. A big thanks to the people who scraped the ramp in the mornings it made a huge difference, to Princy for the pizza and to everyone else involved. If I have some information wrong or you have more information shoot us a Email. See you all next year! ...Luke Groen