Dampier Offshore Fishing

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Dated: 15th April 2007
Location: Australia/Western Australia /Pilbara Region/Karratha-Dampier
From our Karratha-Dampier Fishing Correspondent Luke Groen
Dampier Offshore FishingDampier Offshore Fishing
We went out last Sunday for a fish out wide, the weather was perfect and the tides were alright – the makings of a good day out!

We were out on the channel markers by 5 jigging up livies to use out wide for various reef species. With about 50 or so yakkas in the tank we scooted out to the grounds over the glass like ocean. The sounder was showing good signs of fish down below so out went the anchor and our lines were quickly to follow.

We had a few little reds about 45cm hit the deck in quick success, but we opted to put them back and try to get some bigger fish. Not long later Crispy had a nicer one hooked. A minute or so later a red around 55cm was sitting in our net. We had a discussion and opted to let this one go too – a choice that later proved to be a mistake.

A few hours passed, fish hit the deck but unfortunately the fish we were getting weren’t going to make the esky any fuller! So out came the anchor yanka and we searched around for some different ground. The were a few nice schools of fish showing on the sounder a few hundred meters away, the anchor was deployed once again and we were straight into it!

There were a few good fish hooked and lost but things were looking grim at this stage with only a Rankin Cod in the esky. We kept fishing until finally I hooked something decent. It was a Red, not a huge one at about 4kg’s but we weren’t in any situation to complain! Off he went into the esky and my line was sent on its way once again. Next drop a Trout this time decided he liked my food, into the esky he went too.

Things slowed down and not much was being caught. We got a few smaller reds and a few undersize trout. We got one more size Trout into the esky before we made the decision to pack up and head home.
...Luke Groen